Eight years in the making, this faith driven power couple team finally had their worlds collide in quite an unshakable pattern.  One leap of faith after another has lead Lauren & Chris on both of their journeys of a lifetime!  When stars collide, usually there is quite an explosion, and sticking true in their case they have contained their explosion into one mind blowing perfect image after another. 

Lauren started her modeling career in 2006 at exactly the same time Chris started his videography/ photography career.  After meeting in 2013 the couple started discussing life/career/family goals realizing they both had the same dream of owning their own company.  As scary as that is for most family businesses these two almost laughed at the challenge knowing very well how capable the other was.  They immediately fell in love not only with each other but the concept of commercial wedding photography as well.  With a little faith and some hard work it wasn't long before people started catching along.    People can see their chemistry behind the camera and computer and notice how quickly and contagious their spirits are.  That is exactly what these two bring to the table a female and male perspective.  Although their main focus is wedding photography they do family-senior-children & commercial photography. 


 Dominican Republic Missionary Trip

Dominican Republic Missionary Trip

Lauren & Chris 

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