AMAZING Photographers who turned into friends!

     Reviewed On 11/12/2014 Jagoda C

When my fiancé and I were looking to find a photographer for our engagement pictures and our wedding day, it was a headache. I couldn't believe how unbelievably expensive and overpriced every single place I called was! Let alone the packages were horrible, any additional item you wanted had to be an extra charge! But one day, my matron of honor was working with Lauren and Chris on a model shoot and she heard me vent how irratated I was. She told me to call the couple and check them out. Their work was amazing she said. Well long story short, I gave Chris a call, we set up an appointment, and the day after my fiancé and I decided Chris and Lauren were our choice! We set our engagement pictures up in May, had the most beautiful shoot! Our friends are raving about how gorgeous the pictures are!! & we absolutely cannot wait for our wedding- to see the amazing work this couple will do! Plus, my fiance and I have some amazing friends out of this deal as well now! You won't go wrong picking Lauren and Chris, hands down best photographers in the Chicagoland area!!


a very wonderful wedding

     Reviewed On 11/29/2015 Caitlin D

Our wedding started at the hotel we got married at. Both my husband and myself got ready in separate suites, and Lauren and her second photographer did a wonderful job or getting some action shots to start off the wedding. We felt very stress free throughout the whole wedding, and had full confidence that Lauren and Chris would take care of everything. And they proved to us that we were right! Probably our favorite part about working with them was their personalities. They were loving, caring, and we could tell that they truly loved their jobs. We did not feel our wedding was "just another gig" to them. We felt as though they carefully thought things through. Chris and Lauren both checked in with us throughout the night to make sure everything was going okay. They even noticed that their second photographer had put a stand right in front of us while we were eating and promptly moved it out of the way and apologized. We had an initial hesitation towards the price. Let me be clear, however. They are not overpriced at all, I honestly had this hesitation meeting with every one of our vendors! We had no idea how things would actually turn out. One of the greatest things this couple did was to call out the hesitation right away. At our initial meeting (which was basically like a double date, and was so calm and relaxing) they asked us straight out "what can we do to make you happy with us and take away any uncertainty?" Any conversation we had moving forward with them was like talking with friends. Our intial reaction to our photos was WOWWWWWW!!!! We absolutely loved them. And because we actually had two photographers we had two different perspectives of the same events at our wedding. That meant that when it came to choosing pictures for our album we had a bunch of options. As mentioned previously, we actually had two photographers at our wedding. Their extra photographer Tony really took prop shots to the next level. He spent the most time with the groomsmen and did an amazing job of capturing all of them together. They give you the option to work with a photographer that is not Lauren to save some money, although she still edits all the pictures. If that is the option you choose, see if you can get Tony! We would recommend having both Lauren AND an additional person, however. One general recommendation to future couples: come up with a list of formal pictures you MUST HAVE. We told Lauren and Chris in general what pictures we wanted (for example: my dad and I walking up the aisle, my husband's face when I first walked in, etc.) What we forgot to do was tell them formal pictures we wanted with our family. So while I had a lot of really nice pictures with my family one on one, Cesar did not have any. There are informal pictures with him and his dad, him and his brother, him and his mom. But we did not get a full family shot unfortunately. This is more of a preference than anything, and something that we forgot to request. Overall the pictures beautifully captured our wedding and we are more than satisfied. We can't wait to see the wedding video (shot by Chris). We would highly recommend Lauren and Chris Seibel Photography!


     Reviewed On 11/14/2015 Deanna K

Lauren and Chris have been amazing. Lauren captured our engagement photos and the experience was incredible, and the photos turned out more than I could have even hoped for. My fiance and I originally booked our wedding with a different photography company, had engagement photos shot by them, and decided to look elsewhere, which is when I found Lauren and Chris... Thank God! They have both been so much fun to work with and their passion for photography shows through their work. We can't wait for them to shoot our wedding day and I will definitely turn to them for any other big events that need their professional and artistic style of photography. If photographs are important to you, do yourself a favor and book these two!



Simply Wow and Perfect Photos!!!!

     Reviewed On 10/22/2015

Can I just keep them forever? From our consultation I had goosebumps, they made every thing so personal, I probably called Lauren more than I should have. But she knew everything down to a science. "There is no such thing as a stupid question." What a relief, it was like calling a girlfriend, but someone who handled my entire wedding like the back of her hand, which made me prepared for everything. Our wedding began on a light note, but I was extremely anxious before Lauren came, she took care of the florist, called my mom and made sure we were running on the timeline. By the ceremony, Chris had his drone buzzing around the church, which created a great amount of excitement. After the ceremony we took like AMAZING WOW IMAGES!!!! Like magazine style! I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life. Plus our album!!! Wow. Simply stunning!!!!!! I couldn't ask for better people to shoot your wedding!!!!!!!!!



     Reviewed On 10/22/2015 Laura G

Where to even start with Lauren and Chris...they are the best of the BEST! When researching wedding photographers, Lauren and Chris came up on The Knot. We were in contact with a few other photographers at the time but Lauren and Chris were the first ones to call us personally to set up a meeting and explain the services they could provide. They are the most honest people in the business! They will not fool you into what you don't know. Within minutes of meeting Lauren and Chris, we knew these had to be our photographers! Lauren and Chris did our engagement photography and wedding photography and videography. They make you feel as if they were old friends and were just hanging around for the wedding day. They had so many unique and amazing ideas...we are so grateful we had them to capture what we couldn't! We were beyond impressed with EVERYTHING they provided...Lauren can even fix your dress on your wedding day :) Book them as soon as you can, they are the cream of the crop!



     Reviewed On 10/21/2015 Lindsay H

Lauren was our photographer for our engagement session. I can't say this enough, but she was amazing! Her passion and enthusiasm was refresthing and contagious! We had such a fun time! And ALL the pictures were absolutely gorgeous! Best experience ever!




     Reviewed On 10/03/2015 Danielle L

They are simply the best!



     Reviewed On 9/21/2015 Lauren G

The moment we met with them, we fell in love with them. Not only are they extraordinaire, they were down to earth and real with us. Lauren is an ex supermodel (Major plus for the groomsmen, hehe) who is a double threat. Not only can she pose her butt off, she outgoing to make you feel comfortable, as well as making me look like the best version of myself! Which is every girl's dream! Chris has probably the most impressive equipment on the planet, he flew a drone (YES A DRONE) at our wedding! It was by far the highlight of the day. Who really ever has a drone?! THEY DO!!!!!! They were worth every penny and more!!!!!! I couldn't ask for better workers, vendors and NOW friends.


Most amazing photographers/videographers

     Reviewed On 8/12/2015 Audra L

Chris and Lauren are amazing! They are incredibly creative and approached our wedding as if they were telling a story. They added incredibly creative elements that became some of the best memories of the day. Our wedding was on the 4th of July and they brought sparklers and fireworks, blocked off the street and set up a ring of the fireworks. While my groom and I danced in the middle, with our friends surrounding us, Chris and Lauren captured the whole thing via a drone! Seriously incredible. And they were so much fun to work with, relaxed and creative, but still very professional. They can do traditional, but where Chris and Lauren make things really special is capturing those moments and shots that are not sooo traditional. You won't be sorry you hired them - I promise!


Lauren & Chris - best in the business

     Reviewed On 8/07/2015 Audra L

We hired Chris and Lauren to do videography and photography. We knew that they would do a tremendous job after reviewing their wedding picture portfolio. On the day of the wedding, they took pictures with us as we went to the observatory deck in KC and prayed. Lauren snapped photo after photo and we felt like she wasn't even there. We selected to do a first look, as proposed by Lauren and Chris. We wanted to get the butterflies out of our stomaches and enjoy the ceremony more. They did an amazing job with these photos and we HAD A DRONE to take video!!! It created amazing aerial shots and video. At the wedding, they snapped classic moments and captured the ceremony with breathtaking photos. Afterwards, pictures with friends and family solidified the day. We were very pleased with their professionalism and skill. I would definitely work with Chris and Lauren again and recommend them to other friends and family weddings.



     Reviewed On 7/09/2015 Heather P

Chris and Lauren were our photographers for our wedding and we could not be happier with the job they did! Our wedding day started off with Lauren joining me and a few bridesmaids at the salon where we were getting our hair and make up done. Another photographer were with my now husband taking shots as the guys got ready. From there we went to the church and after to a creative session location which I loved! Lauren recommended the spot it was a park in Plainfield with a huge barn and prairie flowers very country chic, exactly what I wanted. One thing I truly appreciated is that Lauren was fully prepared for anything! It's going to rain, no worries I have a back uplan and Bella's your pics are going to be awesome! Your hungry, here I have snacks! They really go above and beyond to make your expierence the best it can be. After the wedding we had our finished pictures to us within two weeks. Super fast! We opted out of the video but looking at the pictures really brings you back to that moment in time and they were edited so beautifully. I would highly recommend Chris and Lauren to anyone. They are personable, professional, and have a quick turn around on getting you the pictures back...what else can you ask for?! One other thing my husband and I both loved about them is you get best of both worlds with a male and female perspective and ideas for shots.


Personal and professional

     Reviewed On 10/29/2014 

You will never meet a more caring and gorgeous photography couple on the planet! They are beautiful inside and out! I feel I made more of some best friends than actually photographers. Needless to say I was nervous on the day of my wedding! It seemed many things started to go wrong from the beginning! But Lauren and Chris went above and beyond their job description and comforted me not to worry! They were even calling my Dj to see where he was! Despite a few hiccups on the wedding end (in weather, time and missing items) they over delivered in performance and their pictures.  If you are looking for a couple with personality and proffesionalism, don't go any further!!!